Traditional passwords are increasingly showing their inadequacy to protect sensitive data. On the one hand, we have the increase in cyber threats, fraud, scams; on the other hand, the proliferation of a multitude of platforms, accounts and passwords that makes it difficult for users to remember their credentials without always using the same ones. Voice Recognition, based on voice biometrics, now offers an alternative, or at least complementary, more secure solution.


Voice biometrics

Biometrics is a tool that aims to identify a person based on certain physical-biological and behavioral characteristics. In the security sector it is already widely used all over the world.

Voice biometrics, therefore, is that computer system capable of identifying a person starting from the voice. In fact, the voice of each of us is the result of unique and peculiar characteristics and that is why, like a fingerprint, it can be used for the recognition of a person.


Voice & Speech Recognition Market

The continuous developments of Machine Learning and IoT techniques are leading to a considerable growth of the “Voice & Speech Recognition” market, which in 2021 reached a value of 3.5 billion dollars. It is estimated that in 2028 the value will be 10 billion dollars.


Voice Recognition and Security: some examples

More and more organizations are using Voice Recognition to ensure greater security of both the facilities and the services provided to customers.

Let’s see some examples of voice biometrics used for security:

  • Authorization of payments via mobile
  • Access to online or telephone services of banks otherwise only available at the counter
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas
  • Secure authentication in the healthcare sector

To cite a concrete case, we can refer to General Motors which uses voice identification systems to limit access to some computer rooms. As for the implementation of voice recognition in customer service, we can instead mention Charles Schwab & Company, Sears & Roebuck and Company and United Parcel Service of America Inc.


The future of passwords

It is difficult to predict exactly what the development in the security field will be. It is clear, however, that in some contexts Voice Recognition is proving to be more secure and reliable than traditional passwords. Probably the latter will not disappear, but will increasingly be accompanied by biometric identification systems.


Polyphonic: Audio Recognition Engine

Polyphonic, an Audio Recognition solution (patent pending), allows the use of the voice as an element of certain recognition of the individual.

Through particular Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, it enables audiometry to identify people and places, even from low-quality audio and with background noise.

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