2023 started a few days ago and promises to be very interesting in terms of tech trends.

It will presumably be a year of transition, able to consolidate trends that have evolved for years and evaluate innovative solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

It is expected that the 2023 trends will have a great impact on business strategies, creating new market scenarios and changes in the economic structure.

At Drive2Data we decided to deepen the 6 tech trends that will influence the next 12 months.

AI everywhere

In 2023, artificial intelligence will be adopted for all business processes and will allow any company to leverage its power to create more sophisticated products and services using machine learning algorithms.

The AI will also be the engine behind the latest autonomous delivery initiatives that manufacturers are experimenting and implementing, and more and more workers will have to get used to working alongside machines to perform their tasks.

With the adoption of technologies, like the Computer Vision and the Deep Learning will be transformed also the Supply Chain, for example the management of the warehouse will be more and more independent opening the way to the era of the intelligent logistics.

According to Gartner:

“By 2026, organizations that manage AI with transparency, confidence, and security will see 50% improvement in the results of their AI models in terms of adoption, business goals, and user acceptance”.

Virtual and augmented reality

The idea of an immersive technology that allows to involve the user in the digital world is one of the goals of the developers of augmented reality and the Metaverse.

The construction of “virtual” experiences is generating a lot of enthusiasm and 2023 will bring a series of innovations in this field.

Some innovations will create increasingly realistic and engaging experiences, even experimenting with technologies that introduce smells and tactile sensations.

It is estimated that the AR market will reach 78 billion dollars by 2028 and one of the great drivers of this growth will be companies that will adopt the AR to improve the Customer Journey especially in e-commerce. In fact, the biggest trend of AI in online trading will be the ability of sites to customize the experience in real time.

More sustainable technology

With technologies like AI, blockchain, cloud computing, extended reality, or robotics, you can create a greener future without sacrificing efficiency and productive growth.

Sustainability among all technological trends for 2023 is the most important, and companies are well aware of this, considering it a priority after economic management.

The trend implies that companies must invest in innovative solutions that meet the ESG conditions to achieve the 2030 sustainability goals and must equip themselves with sustainable technological tools that increase energy efficiency, the use of used materials and IT services.

Adopting a Green Data approach (click here to learn more), for the creation of information on which to base analyses and build sustainable strategies in the economic, social, environmental and digital fields, takes on a fundamental role.

Adaptive AI

It is expected a wide use of Adaptive Artificial Intelligence, which through constant updates and real-time feedback, can be able to quickly adapt to real-world problems, finding solutions just as quickly.

Once the issues of trust, production, and custom data analytics are addressed, companies can move to adaptive artificial intelligence, which uses adaptive learning algorithms to respond to changing environments.

This allows companies to create and access new data continuously, as well as the ability to customize the output of algorithms continuously, which helps provide customized offers dedicated to users.

In an increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving world, Adaptive AI is a strategic tool that allows companies to remain competitive and active on the market.


Datafication is a trend now irreversible, in fact for years data are the keystone of the economy of the digital age and will be produced more and more.

The turning point is the growing capacity to generate and analyse information to serve sustainability objectives. The increasing production of data requires rethinking how it is managed.

The European commission has declared that it will invest in a project with a high impact on European big data spaces and federated cloud infrastructures. The goal is to create innovative and sustainable data sharing, architectures and governance mechanisms.

An appropriate Big Data Analytics program allows you to design and evaluate all the most efficient business strategies to achieve high profits.


Threats, risks and vulnerabilities increase, and Cyber Security remains a stainless tech trend.

In 2023, there will be a greater focus on threat detection technologies, and businesses will need to equip themselves with advanced technologies to prevent attacks in a timely manner. One of the main goals of companies will be to invest in tools that can protect the entire operating network.

Finally, it will be critical to adopt an informative security culture that encourages risk awareness and employee training on how to deal with and recognize a cyber threat.

Drive2Data and digital innovation

At Drive2Data we believe that technology, if used correctly, can really support businesses in an increasingly complex market and we constantly study the applications of Artificial Intelligence in all sectors.

Our entire mission is based on finding innovative solutions that connect people with cutting-edge technology.

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